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Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality, evidence-based chiropractic and neuromusculoskeletal care that serves the needs of our community.

We hope to improve and maintain our patients’ quality of life, while ELEVATING them to their maximum potential.  We want to encourage our patients to be active participants in their own health and wellness.  We resolve to help our patients, from the weekend warriors to the highest level athlete, reach their goals…one adjustment at a time.

Part of being actively involved in one’s care also requires patients to be active! When injury occurs, the body reacts in a way to protect itself from further damage. Usually, this results in surrounding tissues tightening up, while other tissues begin to compensate for loss of function and mobility of the injured area. Once the injury is treated and begins healing, it’s important to begin returning the joint and the supporting musculature back to its proper function and range of motion.

Rehab exercises play a crucial role in recovery! Certain exercises, stretches, and mobilizations act to strengthen weakened musculature, activate muscles that aren’t firing or functioning properly, and even tone down muscles that are overactive.

Live Life on Your Terms

At Elevate Sport and Spine Center, our doctors want to work WITH you to determine the best treatment approach.  We want to get you better, fast, so we can get you back in the game!  With that in mind, we are trained and certified in a variety of different adjustive techniques, therapies, rehabilitative exercises, and passive modalities in order to individually provide for our patient’s unique needs. 

    review rating 5  Excellent doctor! He knew exactly what my problem was and how to treat it. This was after countless appointments with doctors and specialists. After 4 visits I was pain free. I highly recommend!

    thumb Gregory Sparky

    review rating 5   I highly recommend Dr. John and Dr. Jess at Elevate Sport and Spine. They were able to help me with my back issues and I was able to recover a lot faster. They also treat my family. My teenagers go to them for sports related injuries and they too were recover quickly. I highly recommend these Doctors. Great service from doctors who care.

    thumb Jeff Balog

    review rating 5  After 8 years in the military and 4 combat deployments my back has been significantly beat down. After just one session I felt so much better .Fast, friendly, professional and all around amazing. Highly highly highly recommended .

    thumb Tyler Smail

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