What is a golf fitness screen?

by | Feb 18, 2022

As I sit here writing this week’s blog, it’s currently 23 degrees out and we just got a few inches of fresh snow overnight. So why write about golf? Well right now is the best time to work on your body’s limitations so when the snow melts and the courses open, you’ll be ready to go! So, what exactly is a golf fitness screen and how can it benefit you?

Just take a look at the picture above and you’ll see the body moving in all sorts of different directions. From external rotation in the right shoulder, extension and rotation in the thoracic spine, hip extension, and ankle dorsiflexion, our bodies move a lot during a golf swing. Any limitations in these movements could potentially affect your golf swing which is where I come in to help. As a Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Medical Professional I understand the body-swing connection. For instance, if you have limited hip extension and ankle dorsiflexion, you’re more likely to come over-the-top which can lead to a steep swing. Here’s the best part, we can test that and much more to see what your body’s limitations are! TPI’s philosophy is there are a million ways to swing a golf club but there is one efficient way to do it. Efficiency leads to an increase in swing speed and has the ability to decrease the risk of injury. The top three most common injury sites among golfers are the low back, elbow, and shoulder. If you’re a golfer and reading this you can probably recall a time where you were playing and injured one of those body parts. TPI’s screen is designed to find these limitations and help you improve them through drills and exercises.

The screen consists of over a dozen movements looking at golf specific movements. It takes less than thirty minutes to preform and at the end of the screen a custom fitness routine is generated specific to each golfer. It’s also important to realize that this is just one part for a golfer. It’s best for a golfer to work with a team of experts. From swing coaches, sports chiropractors, physical therapists, golf fitness professionals, and even nutritionists! When a golfer surrounds themselves with experts, they have a much higher chance to succeed! If you’re wanting to take your golf game to the next level, find your local TPI expert today!

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